What's in MY Bug Out Bag? (No One WANTS to Bug Out) What's in MY Bug Out Bag? (No One WANTS to Bug Out)

What's in MY Bug Out Bag? (No One WANTS to Bug Out)

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So, of course no one wants to bug out. It sounds fun, and you may get this picturesque idea of being like Rick from The Walking Dead, but that's not reality...yet. Bugging in is obviously ideal, but we don't get to chose what is ideal in a SHTF situation.

It can't hurt to have a backpack put together (for each person in your household) with a few things that could get you through 3 days to a week.
I know there are several things I need to add (a tent, sleeping bags, inflatable bed pads, a folding saw, etc.) but those particular things I want to do a lot of research on and make sure I'm getting the best quality I can.

Feel free to share and comment anything you think would be important to add to my Bug Out Bag. I really appreciate all of you and how helpful you have been to me and any new preppers who read the comments.

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