Before I do anything on Proxmox, I do this first...

Before I do anything on Proxmox, I do this first... Before I do anything on Proxmox, I do this first...
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After setting up my Proxmox servers, there are a few things I do before I use them for their intended purpose. This ranges from updates, to storage, to networking and VLANS, to uploading ISOs, to clustering, to NIC teaming with LACP, and more. Join me as we pick up where the rest of the proxmox tutorials stop, and that's everything you need to do to make these production ready (and maybe a bonus item too)

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00:00 - Intro
00:23 - What are we going to talk about today?
00:52 - What problem are we trying to solve?
01:26 - Install the latest version of Proxmox
01:51 - How to update Proxmox without a subscription
03:10 - How to configure Proxmox storage (ZFS + RAID10)
05:32 - How to setup SMART monitoring with proxmox
06:18 - How to turn on PCI Passthrough with Proxmox (IOMMU)
07:57 - How to use VLANs with Proxmox and VLAN Aware
09:01 - How to set up a NFS share with Proxmox
09:54 - How to schedule backups with Proxmox
10:53 - How to back up a virtual machine on Proxmox (initial backup)
11:13 - How to upload the VirtIO ISO to Proxmox
11:45 - How to upload Windows / Ubuntu ISO to Proxmox
11:52 - How to create a NIC team (LACP, LAG) on Proxmox
13:51 - How to set up an aggregate (LACP, Team) on Unifi Switch Pro
15:10 - How to edit your NIC bond in Proxmox for NIC teaming
17:26 - How to create a virtual machine template on Proxmox
17:59 - How to clone a virtual machine in Proxmox
18:42 - How to fix Proxmox Linux clone NIC, machine ID, and ssh keys after cloning
19:46 - How to create a Proxmox Cluster
21:47 - Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments please!
22:26 - Stream Highlight - Our Discord Servers are awesome!

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